Cheap Swing Sets – Swing Sets On A Budget

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If you are the parent of young children who love spending time on the swings and climbing around like little monkeys, then you have probably entertained the idea of purchasing a swing set for use in your own back yard.  You have also probably seen the prices of many of these swing sets and been discouraged at ever being able to afford one for your kids.  If you look hard enough, though, you can find cheap swing sets which are made of quality materials.  Thanks to the internet, you can search the websites for some of your favorite local retailers, some landscaping stores, and even the classified ads for your local newspaper or craigslist to find cheap swing sets which are high quality.

Christmas is the perfect time to think about getting cheap swing sets for your kids.  Most retailers which sell swing sets will have them on clearance this time of year.  They are trying to get rid of last year’s inventory to make room for the new swing sets which will arrive at the end of winter.  This means you can ge good, quality cheap swing sets for rock bottom prices.  Use the internet to search the websites for different DIY stores to see what kinds of specials and sales they are offering on last season’s swing sets.  Some will even sell the displays, which you can get for even cheaper as they are already opened, and the bonus to this is that it is already assembled for you!

A lot of landscaping companies which sell trees, shrubs, and seasonal garden items also sell swing sets.  Their winter months are typically extremely slow, with a small peak in sales before Christmas for those landscaping stores which also sell live trees.  Many of these landscaping stores are willing to sell some of their inventory for just a small profit, which means you can often get a steal on a swing set for your kids.  Use the internet to locate some of the landscaping stores in your area, visit their website, and call them to see if they sell cheap swing sets.  You may be very surprised at the deals you can get.

Check the classifieds of your local newspapers, as well as craigslist to look for cheap swing sets.  People often have swing sets in their back yards which their children have outgrown, and they are looking to get rid of them for cheap–often times even for free.  You can sometimes get barely used swing sets for less than $50 if you are willing to disassemble it yourself and haul it away.  It saves the person listing the swing set from additional trash costs, as well as the aggravation of taking it apart themselves.

Swing sets can cost a lot of money.  The basic framework of a swing set is usually several hundred dollars, and then any accessories such as a swing, slide, cargo net, etc. make the price increase exponentially.  If you buy at the right time, however, you can get a steal on a good swing set.  Buying after season items and floor items from local DIY retailers is a good way to get a good price on a good swing set.  Scouring local landscaping stores which are struggling for business can certainly work to your benefit.  Finally searching the classifieds of your local paper or craigslist is a great way to get a used cheap swing set at a rock bottom price.

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