Commercial Swing Sets – What You Need To Know

Commercial swing sets are a common feature that is a part of most playground equipment. Swing sets can be found in public parks, schools, daycare centers, churches, hospitals, apartment buildings and in the backyards of private residences. Most swing sets are constructed out of metal, wood or plastic and they’re designed to withstand various weather conditions.

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Metal swing sets are some of the most durable type of playground equipment commercial swing sets on the market. This type of equipment is designed on a metal frame that can hold up to 8 or 10 individual swings. Each individual swing hangs from a supporting pole with long chains and is connected to a leather or plastic seat which is located at the bottom of the swing unit. A particular swing can hold at least 700 pounds. This means that larger swing sets that are found at local playgrounds or in other public areas have the ability to hold up to 5000 pounds or 2.5 tons. Most large scale play areas in need of commercial swing sets typically will use large metal units on their grounds.

Weather tends to rust out metal swing sets a lot quicker than other types of commercial swing sets, notably that of the plastic and wood variety. Most metal swing sets are treated with anti-rust preventative methods or they’re covered with a special rust inhibiting coating. This treatment helps metal sets to endure extreme temperatures in the winter and summer and to remain relatively unaffected by snow, rain, hail and wind. Metal sets are also designed to handle wear and tear better than wooden or plastic sets because metal is a stronger substance. The only major drawback to metal sets is rust. Metal swing sets that are not produced with a good quality or are not well maintained will become inoperable or hazardous in a relatively short amount of time. Many residential homes do not use metal swing sets but opt for wooden or plastic sets instead.

Wooden swing sets are usually the preferred type of commercial swing set used by residential home owners and they are less commonly used for public play areas. Wooden sets are manufactured to be just as durable as metal sets but they cannot hold as much weight since they’re made out of a less sturdy material. Rust isn’t a problem with these types of models and they are designed to withstand the elements. Problems with splinters or chipping may arise but in many instances this is not an issue if the sets are made out of a durable type of wood. Wood sets have to be maintained in order to remain in good condition. Rot is one of the biggest concerns with commercial swing sets made out wood and this condition can be prevented with routine maintenance and care.

Plastic is another option for commercial swing sets and it is used as a stand alone material or integrated with wooden sets. Plastic is not as durable as metal or wood and it is recommended for private use with smaller children. This substance cannot hold up heavy loads or withstand the elements better than metal or wood. Commercial swing set manufacturers produce a variety of units for just about any type of client possible. Set’s can also be customized to meet the specific needs of many people and for any type of situation. Commercial swing sets also vary in price and could cost anywhere from $100 for a residential unit to well over $10,000 for a well constructed public unit that will be used by thousands of people for many years.

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