Gorilla Swing Sets – Everything You Wanted Know

Gorilla swing sets come when packed with variety of features that add fun to your children life in different ways. For instance, children can swing, climb or even slide on the same swing set. They will not only bring fun to your children but will ensure that your children will always be active and healthy. They come with warranties and are also easy to set up. They are also durable and constructed with high quality materials that make them withstand all types of weather conditions. Additionally, the swing sets are designed in such a way that they will not only serve your children but also neighborhood’s.

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Gorilla swing sets have a 5’ ft high play platform that supports rock wall, rope ladder and rock wall. It also has lengthy wavy slides, trapeze rings and bar, two swings, a tic tac toe game and a sandbox. The swings and trapeze set have a weight limit. For instance, swings can only accommodate 175lbs while trapeze can only hold a weight of 125lbs.
Packaging and Delivery
Gorilla swing sets are delivered to your nearest drop off point when packaged in an easy-to-set package.  All you have to do is to transfer the parts and set it up at your favourite location. All the assemblage parts come when they are pre-drilled and pre-cut for easy assemblage. Also, they come with a step by step instruction manual that assists you in setting up the structure. It is estimated that the entire assemblage may take 8 to 12 hours to be completed. However, you can look for additional helpers and cut down the assemblage duration. It is recommended that you cement it down so that it does not tip over.
Fun and More Fun
All gorilla swing sets come packaged solely to add more and more fun to your home. For instance, it comes with two slides. One is a traditional slider and the other one is a curvy one. It also has three swings that are made up of a glider swing and double regular seated ones. The middle has climbing ladders, ropes and a sandbox. In addition, the set up may be spiced up with a periscope, telescope, picnic table, steering wheel, tic-tac-toe game, rock climbing wall, safety padding and safety handles. Your children will always be hankering for the swing set because of the fun options it offers them.

Gorilla swing sets come with wooden parts that are sealed and treated. This makes the set to withstand harsh weather conditions. As an outdoor gizmo, it is specially manufactured to withstand all types of weather conditions. Also, it cannot be destroyed by insects like weevils and ants.
Enhanced Social Life
Your children will always have company once you set up gorilla swing sets to your backyard.  More kids to your compound translate that your children will always have a great social time.

Increased Activity and Health
Once you set up gorilla swing sets your children will always be active, and children will always beam with health because of increased activity.

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